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ASKi-Data Polska specialises in supporting research agencies with their data processing needs. Our scope includes coding, translating and transcribing verbatim, as well as data entry and creating databases. The services we provide are offered in over thirty languages! We have extensive experience in coding international research projects.

We focus on the needs of our clients by providing comprehensive services. We execute our work in a targeted and cost-effective manner, maintaining the highest level of reliability when processing the received data. 

We offer a modern approach across a whole spectrum of benefits with flexibility and agility, which is a must in the dynamic world of market research. We maintain a permanent team of specialists in various fields who are ready to take on projects according to the needs of the client. We make it easier to maintain the budget. Our estimates are transparent and based on the expected amount of data to be analysed. Payments can be arranged as a payment plan or on a study-by-study basis. Our team of coders is skilled in every field – from the evaluation of everyday products, through the automotive industry, all the way to specialised medical topics. There is no project that is beyond our capabilities!

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Coding (of text responses)
Our main focus is processing data sets from open ended questions. Our coding is based on sets of codes provided by clients or code frames built from scratch during the process. We always work in accordance with the specifications provided!
Our team works in over thirty languages and is ready to translate large data sets within a few days, maintaining the highest quality.
We transcribe recordings of in-depth interviews and responses from paper questionnaires.
Data entry
We create databases from traditional questionnaires and surveys.
International research
Collaborating closely with our partners at ASKi & Data Intelligence GmbH, we can design and conduct a full research process on international markets in the fields of B2B and consumer research.

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