Coding (of text responses)

Our main focus is processing data sets from open ended questions. Our coding is based on sets of codes provided by clients or code frames built from scratch during the coding process. We always work in accordance with the specifications provided!  

Regardless of whether the data comes from in-depth interviews, focus groups, internet forums, diaries, questionnaires, or online surveys, we can process them for further statistical analysis.

We have an experienced team of coders who are ready to process data upon receipt and within tight deadlines. Our services cover a wide range of languages and topics including the evaluation of package designs, prototypes, everyday products and advertising campaigns. We also have experience in medical studies dealing with specialised equipment or drug efficacy as well as studies that require reporting of adverse events within 24 hours.

For the actual coding work, we mainly use the software Ascribe Intelligence and Codeit by Digital Taxonomy , but we are also prepared to work with other software programs if required. Processed data can be delivered in any database format.


Our team works in over thirty languages and is ready to translate large data sets within a few days, maintaining the highest quality. Our translators take special care of the data provided as we do not rely on automated translation. Thanks to this approach, we can process raw data with linguistic errors, typos, and inconsistencies. During the process, we can also clean the data and provide corrected responses. We translate mainly into English and Polish, but can accept commissions in any pair of languages.


We transcribe recordings of in-depth interviews and responses from paper questionnaires. The service is complementary to translation and coding. All transcribed responses can be processed directly for further analysis.

Data entry

We create databases from traditional questionnaires and surveys. The provided responses can be coded and delivered as a digital database in any format.

International research

Collaborating closely with our partners at ASKi & Data Intelligence GmbH, we can design and conduct a full research process on international markets in the fields of B2B and consumer research.

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